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YES party people!

Welcome to our humble little site.

If you have looked around for more than a few seconds online to try and find a good band for your big do then I’m pretty sure you’ll be as horrified as we were at some of the choices that show up!

We’ve all been to that wedding or party and as soon as the band crank up its time to clear off!

The last thing you want is to spend all this time planning you big party only to be let down by a lifeless, dull band who seem to have no interest in anything but churning out the same old songs that they assume everyone still likes! Sound familiar?

We’ve been going for over 5 years now – and we’re not happy until the room is BOUNCING! (We’re going to make the assumption that maybe that’s what you’re after)

So we took a different angle. We wanted to do tunes you’d hear the DJ’s play but with live instruments. Songs like “Lady” (Modjo), “Show Me Love” (Robin S) “Push the Feelin” (Nightcrawlers) “If This Aint Love” (Spiller/Groovejet) and tonnes more classic 90’s dance tunes.

We usually start the set with some funky ‘all time classics’ to appeal to mixed age crowds and get people having a sing-a-long – songs like “I got a woman” (Ray Charles) and “Higher and Higher” (Jackie Wilson).

Our version of “Brown-Eyed Girl” is like nothing you ever heard and melts into a ‘Vanilla Ice’ rap half way through!

Look out for our EPIC bluegrass country section which goes completely bonkers and fuses together “Dock of the bay” (Otis Redding) with the Benny Hill theme and Wallace and Gromit!! (Yes you read that right).

We have years of experience at this kind of stuff and we want to help you throughout the planning stage too. We need to make sure that your entertainment goes off with a bang and there are a few things we have to think about to make sure of this.

Enter your details in the box on this page and our singer Neill will contact you and glad share all the top tips on how to get things right first time.

Much love indeed

The Rebel Sounds