P​​​​​​​​​​​lease fill out the form below and send your 20% your deposit to the following account: NAT WEST - The Rebel Sounds - Sort code 54-21-20 - Acc No - 23111356. Please send any cheques to The Rebel Sounds, 51 K2 Building, 125 Albion St, Leeds, LS2 8ES. Alternatively you can pay your deposit online by credit or debit card (1.75% fee) please request an invoice for this. 

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FAQ's and Terms

Q. How do I make a booking? 
A.We will send you the link to the online booking form which must be filled in with details of the event. Please transfer your 20% deposit into the following account: (Please use your name and date of event as a reference) NAT WEST - The Rebel Sounds - Sort code 54-21-20 - Acc No - 23111356 The balance is payable by bank transfer, credit or debit card 7 days before the event or by cash on the night. 

Q. Is there a charge for Travel?  
A. Yes. We charge 50p per mile for trips outside the Leeds area

Q. Which members of the band will I get?   
A. We have over 15 members to guarantee your show. You can have whichever lineup you want suject to availabilty of members. Its always best to chat about this with us to see what will work best for your budget. Please be aware that the lineup is subject to change through illness or availability of the team.  

Q. How many sets do you perform? 
A. Typically 2 x 1 hour sets with a short break in the middle. The last set can stretch on longer with encores. 

Q. Do you charge VAT on the prices?
A. No. There's no VAT to add on

Q. Do you require a hotel or B&B?
A. Accommodation is to be considered if the venue is more than 2.5 hours from Leeds

Q. Do you supply the sound system?
A. Yes. Its all in with the price

Q. Do you have a lighting setup? 
A. Yes. We have sufficient lighting to add drama to the show. We also have a haze machine. 

Q. What is the maximum number of people you perform to? 
A. We've played to crowds of 20 up to 20,000. Our sound system will cope with the vast majority of shows.

Q. Does the DJ provide his own system? 
A. Yes if needs be but it usually makes sense just to use one.

Q. How long does the DJ play for? 
A. He's yours for the whole evening and will keep the crowd bouncing before and after the live show. 

Q. Do you provide music if we don't have the DJ? 
A. Yes. We have tonnes of playlists on Spotify or you are welcome complie your own to plug into our system

Q. How much space do you need?
A. Space has never been a big issue. You'd be surprised how we can squeeze into the smallest of corners. 

Q. Do you supply a stage? 
A. Yes if needed. Usually it isn't. 

Q. How much power do you need? 
A. We are able to run our whole show from one plug socket. If you have a generator sufficient for the catering thats more than enough power for us.

Q. Do you have public liability insurance? 
A. Yes. Up to £10,000,000. 

Q. Is you equipment PAT tested anually? 
A. Yes. We pay a man to come over with the magical PAT machine, its the highlight of our year.

Q.Are you a memeber of the Musician's Union?
A. Yes. That we are.

Q. Are you able to learn songs if we request them? 
A. We'll take a veiw on this. Its a big job to learn a song but we like to accomodate where possible.

Q, Will you need food and drink providing? 
A. Yes. If you book us you agree to provide food and drink to keep us going for the length of time we are on site. Please speak to us about our food requirements for the day. ​

Our Terms & Conditions

By filling out the form above and/or paying your deposit you agree to book The Rebel Sounds and contractually agree to the following terms:

The contract is between you (the hirer) and The Rebel Sounds (the band). 

1) The Band will provide a full PA system and the musical equipment required. Stage lighting will also be provided. Please note that the lighting is only for the stage and not for the full venue or dance floor. The Band equipment is strictly not for use by guests unless previously agreed. Guests are not permitted to be on stage at any point. Guests must not place drinks on stage or on top of speakers or other band equipment. 

2) A non refundable deposit is required within 7 days of the hirer's agreement to this contract to secure the booking. Failure to comply will result in the date being made available to other clients. Please make cheques payable to: The Rebel Sounds and send to Rebel Sounds Studios, 51, K2 Building, 125 Albion St, Leeds LS28ES. Alternatively you can pay by credit/debit card online (please request an invoice for this). In the unlikely event there is an error with the booking or the booking is unable to be exectued due to Force Majeure we endeavour to refund the deposit and any other payments made to The Rebel Sounds. 

3) The remaining balance can be paid in cash on the night of the performance and is to be paid on arrival. Alternative payment can be arranged before the performance date. Cheques, bank transfers and other payments must be paid and cleared 7 days prior to the performance. A cheque on the night of the performance is only acceptable for corporate bookings. 

4) Once the deposit has been paid and/or the booking form has been filled out the hirer commits to hiring the band and a contract is formed. In the event of a cancellation by the hirer, the band will endevour to find another gig for the same night. In the event that another gig cannot be found in time then the hirer is liable to pay the fee as agreed. 

5) All verbal agreements and details logged in emails, texts and messages on facebook are confirmed by the electronic signing of this written contract and or payment of deposit. Failure to sign contracts does not constitute cancellation. All verbal agreements and those detailed in emails, texts and facebook messages will remain in force.

6) The hirer is to provide a suitable performance area. Unless otherwise agreed, the hirer must provide an electrical supply meeting, or exceeding british standards and a minimum of two separate 13amp sockets on or near the satge. For any outdoor events suitable dry cover must be provided. If in the event the staging is waterlogged or deemed unsafe to perform, the band will not be held accountable and not be made to set up and perform. The full fee will still be due. The hirer agrees to allow the band a setup and soundcheck time of 90 minutes. 

7) The Bands PLI (public liability insurance) has a limit of £10,000,000. A copy of the PLI certificate can be provided to any venue that requires it.

8) On occasion it may be necessary to use alternative musicians (deps) This is a back up if any musician takes unwell, is injured, or for any other reason unable to be there. We have this as a security for the client. This allows us to guarantee that the band will not pull out due to the above reasons. There will be no reduction to the fee. A dep does not constitute grounds for cancellation.

9) Any amendments to this contract must be made in writing, at least 30 days prior to the engagement date. It is the responsibility of the hirer to make sure the event runs as planned and on time, Under no circumstances will the band play beyond the agreed set times or shorten their setup and soundcheck time of 90 minutes if your event runs over. A late start does not constitute grounds for a late finish or a cancellation. The agreement is strictly between the agreed hours.

10) The hirer is entirely responsible for any damage sustained to our equipment by the hirer or any of the hirers guests during the event. This includes guests under the influence of alcohol falling into the stage, spilling drinks over the equipment or grabbing hold of instruments and/or microphones. You will be invoiced for any servicing, repair or replaclacement of damaged band equipment. 

11) Please be aware that the band cannot be made to pay for food an drinks at the venue as this is often expensive. If you hire the band for your event you agree to provide food, soft drinks, tea/coffee for the whole band. If you have an evening show this usually means the band will be on site for 7-8 hours and one meal will suffice. For a full day wedding with daytime and evening shows we require 2 meals. Please make sure you speak to us about our food requirements as these may not be the same as that of your guests. 

12) The hirer agrees to pay the transport costs of the band over and above the agreed fee for the show. Transport costs are charged at 0.50p/mile from Leeds Centre and are applicable for journies outside of the Leeds area. 

13) If the distance of the venue is more than 2.5 hours away from Leeds then the hirer agrees to provide the band with suitable accomodation after the show in the local area. The band are happy to share rooms and consider low cost alternatives to hotels such as sites like Air B&B . In extreme circumstances the band may be willing to find other solutions as long as they do not run the risk of being too fatigued to play the following day.